When people think about adult sex toys, they may think only of vibrators and dildos—and many people still think sex toys are a solo experience. But more and more often, people are using sex toys with their partner(s) to enhance and expand their play and turn the volume up in their sex lives. Adam & Eve sex toys offer something for everyone, from dildos and vibrators to bondage supplies and more! Looking for sex toys near you in Brownstown, MI? Dive into our toy box and imagine all of the sexploitsone little shopping cart can contain!

Sex Toys for Women

Rabbit Sex Toys

Research has shown definitively that the majority of women do not reach orgasm just through penetrative sex. Women typically need a little something more; unfortunately, not all partners are willing to go the extra mile to give their woman that magic O—and someof them simply don’t know how. And who better to show them than you! Women’s sex toys are a great way to reliably trip your own trigger, but they are also powerful tools in getting to know your own body. Learn what makes you moan, what makes you breathless, and just what combination of sensations makes you scream your own name. And for tons more fun, pass that hard-won sexpertise onto your partner.

Clitoral Vibrators

Typically, when people think about female sex toys, they immediately think of the classic Rabbit—and there are many reasons these toys are a staple of everyone’s toy box. Rabbit sex toys offer a rainbow of pleasure options (and colors!). They’ve got the classic vibrator we all know and love, thrusting vibrators, clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, warming functions, and so much more! If you’re a newbie to the world of sex toys, Rabbit sex toys are a great introduction, and if you consider yourself as expert, they can meet you where you are--and raise the stakes!


Breathless is an Adam & Eve exclusive product and the best clitoral stimulator on the planet! The pleasure sexperts at Adam & Eve teamed up with Satisfyer and used their collective sexpertise(and Satisfyer’s amazing technology) to create a clitoral stimulator that uses no-contact air-pulse technology, 10 make-me-moan functions, and 11 levels of pleasure waves so you can choose the combo that works perfectly for you. Every. Single. Time. Think multiple OMG Os. Think up-all-night sexploits. This discreet little powerhouse (did we mention it’s only 5.5 inches?) packs a big punch and comes in a pretty pink. Trust us: It won’t just leave you Breathless; it will leave you begging for more.


There’s something for everyone in the Adam & Eve dildo department! We’ve got realistic dildos, vibrating and G-spot dildos, and glass dildos. Want a little something extra? How about an anal dildo? Or for those of you who like it extra-large, we have HUGE dildos! Want to use your dildo with your partner? Add a double dildo or a strap-on dildo to your cart. Got a favorite penis out there you’d like to immortalize? Check out Clone-A-Willy! But you don’t have to choose just one. Adam & Eve has so many dildos that you could have a different dildo for every day of the week! And why not? If variety is the spice of life, fill your spice rack and get cooking!

Sex Toys for Men

The world of male sex toys has exploded, and all of the options are hard (ahem) to fit on one little page. Many men have assumed that sex toys were all about women—dildos and vibrators designed just for her. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth! If you’re a guy who hasn’t explored all that Adam & Eve has to offer you, take a step into our sex toys shop, and be prepared to have your mind (and other parts) blown!

Male Masturbators

If your hand is still your go-to bestie, you’ve clearly never taken a walk through the aisles of an Adam & Eve retail location. Your new favorite friend (with nothing but benefits) is just waiting for you to give it a go! We’ve got your classic Fleshlight, or what some might call the Rabbit of men’s sex toys. They create a sucking sensation so close to the real thing that they might teach your partner a thing or two! Want to take yours on the road for business or pleasure? They are discreet and blend right in with your other luggage. You can also buy attachments like the Fleshlight shower mount—and what man doesn’t love a good gadget? You can get real with our realistic masturbators, some of which are molded from your favorite adult stars! You can also choose from blowjob simulators, pocket pussies, and masturbation sleeves. Take a dip into the world of male masturbators—it’ll blow you away!

Penis Rings

Penis rings are designed to keep your erection standing at attention even longer. If you’re playing solo or with a partner, penis rings keep the fun going so you can explore even more. Looking to explore the backdoor? Try a penis ring with attached butt plug. Got a partner who gets giddy for girth—penis rings can help you increase girth and delay the inevitable until you’re both begging for relief! And if your partner has a clit, we’ve got penis rings that will turn you into a human Rabbit. With attached vibrating bullets and pleasure nubs built in, you’ll give her screaming O’s like she’s never known, and all the neighbors will remember your name!

Prostate Toys

Feel the earth move! If you’ve never experimented with prostate play, we’re about to turn your world from black and white to Technicolor! Sure, penile orgasms are amazing, but we’ve heard men describe prostate orgasms as the IMAX of orgasms—bigger, brighter, better, and louder! If you’re new to the pleasures of your prostate, we’ve got Intro to Prostate Kits and Beginner’s Anal Fantasy Kits. Once you’ve discovered what you’ve been missing, maybe move on up to a prostate massager or a prostate probe; we’ve got butt plugs and prostate probes that vibrate and thrust—and some of them are even rechargeable and can be operated wirelessly! If you’ve got a prostate, put it to work for you—you won’t regret it!

Sex Toys for Couples

Are you intimidated by sex toys? Are you afraid that if your partner experiences the bliss of a vibrator or clitoral stimulator that you’ll no longer be necessary? Let us calm your fears—sex toys don’t replace partners; they simply bring everyone into the action. Toys made for two deepen connections and double the fun. Adam & Eve is the sex toys store for couples who want to explore their bodies, their capacity for pleasure, and their own boundaries.

Adult Games

Adult games bring levity and laughter into any situation—and even better than lighting a spark for future fun, they can throw fuel on the fire. Whether you and a partner are looking for a twist on your usual game night shenanigans, you have a group of play partners you’re looking to the break ice with, or you and your partner want to test some boundaries and expand your usual play, adult games are a surefire way to turn up the heat. Take a turn around the Sexopoly board, explore Monogamy, toss the Spicy Dice, dive into A Month of Sex, learn how to Domin8, or play around with Massage Seductions. Game night just took a naughty turn!

Couple’s Vibrators

When it comes to couple’s sex toys, We Vibe Couples Massagers are standouts! Not only do they hit the clit and rock the G-spot, but when used with your partner, they send teasing vibrations throughout his pleasure points as well. We Vibe even has long-distance sex toys for long-distance lovers (We Vibe Chorus Couples Massager)! If you’ve got a Bluetooth, We Vibe has a toy for you! You can be across the country, the world, or just across a tabletop while your lover controls your every sensation through an easy-to-operate app or a handy-dandy remote control. Intimacy levels go off the charts even in a crowded room when you and your partner can connect sensually and secretly. You really have to try all of the options available in this little gem to believe it!

Kinky Bondage Toys

Take a peek into the wild side with introductory and beginner’s bondage kits or embrace your kink and advance to the head of the class with restraint systems, nipple clamps, sex machines, ticklers, paddlers, and whips (for the bad boys and girls in your life). If you’re ready to make your naughtiest dreams come true, Adam & Eve stores are the right place to be! Looking to lie down between the pages of your favorite Fifty Shades of Grey book? Mr. Grey will see you now—just tell him your name is Ana, put on your blindfold, and do what he says, unless you like to be punished. We promise he’ll make it good for you.

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